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banshee 1.6.0 screenshot

After almost a year, a new Banshee stable version has been released: 1.6.0.

Compared to Banshee 1.5.6 (1.6.0 RC2), there aren't many new things. However, Banshee has made an amazing progress since the last stable version and it now has a lot of very interesting features. If you're a constant WebUpd8 reader, you already know most of them since we've covered almost every release of Banshee until 1.6.0.

A quick recap of new features since the latest stable Banshee version: Auto DJ, sync device from playlist option, grid view, 15 great community extensions (which includes Lyrics, Telepathy and Mirage), new shuffle modes, library-folder watcher, a YouTube extension and well... many other features. You can read in detail about all of these, HERE.

Download Banshee 1.6.0

Download Banshee 1.6.0.

If you're using Ubuntu, you probably want to install Banshee 1.6.0 from the PPA. Well, Banshee 1.6.0 is not yet available in either its stable or daily PPA. However, since the daily PPA has a build from today, it should be 99.99% Banshee 1.6.0, so install it using the following commands (Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/banshee-daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install banshee

You can find the stable PPA here (in case you want to see when Banshee 1.6.0 will be released in this PPA - but usually it takes quite some time).