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I really like the two new Ubuntu themes (Ambiance and Radiance) and I for once can't decide which one to use. So to use them both, I've modified the script created for New Wave Chronos to use the Radiance theme from 6 A.M. to 5 P.M. and Ambiance from 5 P.M. to 6 A.M.

Before using the script, make sure you have both Ambiance and Radiance Ubuntu themes installed. (You can download them from our PPA if you're not using Ubuntu Lucid).

If you want to use this script, simply DOWNLOAD the script and place it on your home folder (doesn't matter where you place it) and run the following commands in a terminal:

chmod +x 121394-ambrad.sh

(the "121394" was added by Gnome-Look to the name of the script so I updated the post for easy copy/paste)

The script will automatically change the: GTK, Metacity and icon themes.

To change the hours for changing the theme just take a look at the script and you will understand immediately what you must do (this is just a few lines script).

To run the script at start-up, go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and and create a new startup application with the path to the ambrad.sh script in the "Command" field.