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One annoying thing about Dropbox is that there is no option to share a whole folder from your Public directory so you must manually copy the link for each file you want to share. For this reason KosciaK created a python script called Dropbox-Index which creates an index.html with all the files in a certain folder from your Dropbox Public folder. You can then simply share this file with someone and he will be able to access any file from within this folder.

dropbox index

To use Dropbox-Index, download it from HERE. Then, to share a folder from your Dropbox Public folder, enter this in a terminal:
./dropbox-index.py /path/to/Dropbox/Public/folder

If you want to also include all the subfolders, use the "-R" (recursive) option, like so:
./dropbox-index.py -R /path/to/Dropbox/Public/folder

Once this command is executed, a new file named "index.html" will be created in the folder which you want to share. Then simply right click "index.html", select "Copy Dropbox public link" and share it with someone. All the files in that folder will be easily accessible through this index.html page.

For more info, see kosciak-misc @ Google Code | via lifehacker