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Suppose you installed a .deb from somewhere and want to post it somewhere or just give it to a friend, but you can't find the download link anymore. If you still have the software installed, you can easily repack the .deb package by using dpkg-repack.

To do this, firstly install dpkg-repack:
sudo apt-get install dpkg-repack

And then, to repack a .deb for an installed package, simply run this command:
sudo dpkg-repack <package>

Where <package> is the .deb package you want to repack.

dpkg-repack can be even used to create a different architecture .deb, for example amd64 (but I cannot test this to see if the amd64 created packages actually work ok):
sudo dpkg-repack --arch=amd64 <package>

For more info on dpkg-repack, type:
dpkg-repack --help