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RecordMyDesktop is a desktop screencasting software application for Linux. It comes with different GUIs for Qt, GTK, KDE (RecorditNow).

RecordMyDesktop had a problem (actually it still does): a libtheora update broke it and it no longer works, making the video unplayable, even with VLC. However, there is a fix for this (the video will work in VLC and can be uploaded to YouTube, etc.): adding the "--v_bitrate 2000000" paramterer. Here is how to use it:

-For the command line:
recordmydesktop --fps 25 --width 1024 --height 768 --v_quality 63 --v_bitrate 2000000 -o video.ogv

-in a GUI for RecordMyDesktop, enter "--v_bitrate 2000000" under "Extra options". In gtkRecordMyDesktop, this can be found under Advanced > Misc:

gtkrecordmydesktop libtheora fix

Special thanks for this tip, to iyanmv