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pidgin gtalk invisible plugin

If you are using Pidgin and set your status to "Invisible", you aren't actually invisible in GTalk (Google Talk). But thanks to Fahhem's plugin, you can finally set your status to invisible in Gtalk. The installation is very easy and all you have to do is copy a file (.so for Linux and .dll for Windows) in the Pidgin plugins folder.

For a copy & paste installation in Linux, use the commands below:
wget http://fahhem.com/pidgin/gtalkinvisible.tar.gz
tar -vxf gtalkinvisible.tar.gz
mv gtalkinvisible/gtalkinvisible.so ~/.purple/plugins

Ubuntu users (thanks to Fish) can also download a .deb package from HERE (there are some other Pidgin plugins available if you want).

Then, restart Pidgin and enable it (Tools > Plugins > GTalk Invisible).

To install this plugin on Windows, download the .zip file, extract it and move the .dll file to "C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins\".

Then, restart Pidgin and enable it (Tools > Plugins > GTalk Invisible).

Please note: that you have to add a Google Talk account before enabling the plugin.

Known issues:

  • Doesn't work on start up, although the author says this might have been fixed (but unsure).
  • Only works for Pidgin 2.5.4 and above.