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thunderbird notification areathunderbird new email notification area

If you ever used Thunderbird email client in Windows, then you are probably used to seeing a systray icon which lets you know when you've got mail. In Ubuntu, you have the Indicator Applet, but that's just for Evolution so if you want an indicator for Thunderbird, you have to install it yourself.

To get a new mail indicator for Thunderbird, one option is to install FireTray extension (which also works for Firefox, Songbird, etc., with different functionality for each). To install it, simply download the .xpi file, then in Thunderbird go to Tools > Addons, select "Install" and browse for the .xpi file.

Once installed, restart Thunderbird and you will see a Thunderbird icon in your notification area. When you have a new email, this icon will turn into a number, indicating the number of new emails.

One thing you will be glad to know is that you can change the icon, so that big icon you see in the screenshots above can be changed!