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If you use MPD (doesn't matter which client) and have lots of playlists, it is quite annoying for MPD to never remember what song you've played last in a playlist. But you can make MPD rememeber the last played song for any playlist by using Mpdpss.

Before using mpdpss, you need to install mpc:
sudo apt-get install mpc

Mpdpss can be used both with a GUI or command line:

GUI - enter this in a terminal and a GUI will pop-up:
mpdpss -g

In case you want to use the GUI mode and don't have Zenity installed, install it like so (in Ubuntu):
sudo apt-get install zenity

From the command line, the following command will save the current playlist, then it will be cleared and you can load a different playlist. Once a playlist has been save using Mpdpss, the last playing song will be remembered:

To see Mpdpss in action, I've created a small video (with the command line functionality):

Note: Ncmpcpp MPD client was used in the above video.

For more info on Mpdpss, see the WIKI. | Download Mpdpss (includes Ubuntu .deb and source files)