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managetwitter screenshot

We've written about lots of Twitter web apps for managing you followers, but one by one they all stopped working. But a new such service has been launched: ManageTwitter and it's great at it's job: to unfollow people.

Basically ManageTwitter lets you clean up some of the people you follow by different criteria such as: inactivity period, talkative or quiet or simply because they aren't following you back. You can also automatically deselect verified or popular users.

ManageTwitter also has a feature most (if not all) other services of this kind don't have: the ability to undo any action.

Selecting the users you want to stop following can be done manually (selectively) from a category or mass unfollowing all the people which match a certain criteria.

ManageTwitter works great and without any flows so far, but there is one problem to it: it can only process the most recent 5000 people you followed due to Twitter API limits.