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Jelli is a really nice concept for social music: it is an online radio station for which the users decide which songs get added to any of the stations and the music being played is based on these "votes" by all the users online. To listen to a station, all you have to do is add the .m3u playlist to any music/media player such as VLC, etc. The website also comes with a chat for each radio stations, meaning it has basically every feature a social web radio needs.

But there is a downside: the colours and the overall website aspect looks pretty awful and seems designed for teens but if you only care about the music, you will love Jelli.

Using Jelli is very easy to use as everything is explained once you create a free account. Head over to Jelli website for more info and don't forget to upvote some nice rock / metal songs =)

[via downloadsquad]