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Both the installation instructions and the packages for Gnome Disk Utility in the PPA have been removed due to a bug which made USB memory drive automount to stop working. The post was not removed so that you know how to revert the changes.

There are two ways of reverting to the original Gnome Disk Utility from Ubuntu Karmic:

a) Use PPA Purge which will automatically remove any software from WebUpd8 PPA and install the versions from the official Ubuntu repositories.

b) Search for gnome-disk-ulility, libgdu-gtk0 and libgdu0 in Synaptic (search for them in this exact order), select each and then under the Package menu, select "Force version" and then select the version from Karmic (you can also remove udisks if you want: sudo apt-get remove udisks). Then if you want to keep using the WebUpd8 PPA, select "Lock version" (which is also under the "Package" menu) for each of these 3 packages. If you're not interested in keep using the WebUpd8 PPA, simply remove the WebUpd8 PPA from System > Administration > Software Sources.