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stream video iphone linux wine

Today I read an article written at LifeHacker regarding how to stream any video to an iPhone using the Air Video Software.

Unsurprisingly, the software supports Windows and Mac only. I tested it out using windows, and it worked flawlessly. So I couldn’t wait to try to set it up using WINE on Linux.


sudo apt-get install wine

Procedure (On the PC):

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Procedure (On iPhone):

iphone video streaming

  • Install the iPhone app ( Free version - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=313056918&mt=8 )

  • Start the app on the phone and select your “system name”
    (If you can’t find your “system name”, then you can manually add the IP address and make sure that port number 45631 is open in your firewall (if you are firewalled)

  • Browse to the file you want to stream and click “Play with Live Conversion”

    THAT’S IT !

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  • After clicking on the ‘server name’ in the app, if it’s stuck on “loading” just click “Stop Server” in the PC, and start it again.

  • If you have any problem installing any of the three exes on the server side, run the exe from the command line and paste the output in the comments below. I will try to help you out!

PS: I am using the Pro Version, the difference between the free and pro version is, the free version enables/shows random files from a folder, so to stream a particular file, go out of the file view and come back to the list repeatedly until you get the file enabled, or create a folder, and just place the file you need to stream on the server side.

This is a guest post written by WebUpd8 reader rkv (thanks once again!). Credits for the post and screenshots: rkv. Browse all the posts by rkv.