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A few days ago, some awesome Empathy Elementary icons were released on Gnome-Look, but since I'm not a fan of Empathy, I haven't posted anything related to them. After receiving a lot of requests, the author released Elementary icons for Pidgin, so Pidgin fans are finally happy (like me =) ):

elementary pidgin icons

To use them, go to your home folder, press CTRL + H (to show hidden files), and create the a folder called "themes" in the ".purple" folder. Then paste the "elementary" icons into this "themes" folder:

pidgin themes

Then, to apply the new icon theme, in Pidgin go to Tools > Preferences, on the "Themes" tab, under "Status icon theme", select "Elementary":

pidgin themes select

Download Pidgin Elementary Icons

Another beautiful Pidgin icon theme is MyHumanity, and if you never heard of it, you should really check it out!
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