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Edubuntu (Lucid) got a new menu editor which allows menu customization, editing and sharing. The name "Edubuntu Menu Editor" is only for branding, but the menu editor works with every xdg-based menu.

Ubuntu Lucid users can install it with a single command:
sudo apt-get install edubuntu-menueditor

There is also a PPA for Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid users, so to add the repository and install edubuntu-menueditor, paste this in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:menueditor-devel/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install edubuntu-menueditor

Installing it, two different tools will be available: the menu editor itself, under Applications > System Tools > Menueditor and the Profile manager in System > Administration > Profile manager.

Here is how the new Edubuntu Menu Editor looks:

edubuntu menu editor

And how the old one used to look:

ubuntu menu editor

Using the new menu editor, you can create new sub-menus, copy items in them and hide items from the existing menu and save it.

With the saved archive you can either share it or use it in Profile Manager to assign it to a group so using this, you can have a custom menu for each group on your computer. On login, all users in that group will see that new menu you assigned them.

The menu Profile Manager in action:

menu profile manager

To assign a menu to a group, simply right click in the "Menu" field in the Profile Manager, select "Import new profie" and import the profile you saved using the Edubuntu Menu Editor. Then drag and drop a group from the left to the menu you want it to use.

[via Stéphane Graber's website]