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XML Slideshow Creator

If you found the script which creates an XML automatic changing wallpapers not very user friendly, there is now a GUI for this. It's called XML slideshow creator and you can use it to create an XML background (a wallpaper which consists of multiple images) from all the images in a folder, set the interval between changing the images, the animation time and also directly apply it as your background.

Before using it, make sure you install the dependencies needed to run it. In Ubuntu, simply copy & paste this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gambas2-runtime gambas2-gb-gtk gambas2-gb-form gambas2-gb-gtk-ext

Then, download and extract XML slideshow creator, navigate to it's folder and run install.sh with sudo:
sudo ./install.sh

This will install the GUI under Applications > Accessories > XML Slideshow Creator.