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ubuntu single sign on

Canonical has just launched it's Ubuntu Single Sigle Sign On service, who's goal is to provide a single, central login for all Ubuntu websites.

Ubuntu Single Sigle Sign On will replace existing Launchpad login but existing accounts will continue to work. The change will take place gradually:

Over the next few months we will be moving all of the Ubuntu and Canonical related sites that currently use the Launchpad service to Ubuntu single sign on, starting with sites we manage directly and then working with community site owners to move the community-managed sites.

The new Canonical service is build on OpenID but that will only be activated once the migration to the new single sign on is over. Then you will be able to log in to any website which accepts standard OpenIDs.

For now, there is nothing special about the Ubuntu single sign on service, but Canonical plans on adding some great new features to it. There is no info regarding these features for now.