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Yasst running on Ubuntu Karmic

Yasst is a cross-platform Twitter client which does not run on Adobe Air, this being the reason I first started using it as I really don't like Adobe Air applications.

If you are used to Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck, you will find Yasst to look pretty similar, with multiple column view, but Yasst has something extra: tabs!

Let's take a look at some important features in Yasst:

  • multiple tabs with columns: suppose you want to have a tab with mentions, direct messages and your friends stream, another tab with searches for Ubuntu and Linux and yet another tab with CSS, jQuery and JavaScript searches (just examples) so you can always have a something with the same interest on the same tab. Of course, you can use the tabs in many ways and for different purposes
  • saved searches: you can save searches for certain keywords and follow tweets on those keywords in real-time
  • themes: Yasst is build on the Qt platform, but it doesn't look as ugly as some might expect as it comes with some nice themes
  • Twitter lists support
  • bit.ly api support
  • you can add multiple Twitter accounts
  • and basically, everything a decent Twitter client needs

In case you are interested, here is a video with Yasst Twitter client in action:

Unfortunately, Yasst is not open source, so only binaries (for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX binaries) are available. The Linux binaries have been built on Debian 5.0 32bit (64bit not available) and I've tested it and everything seems to work ok in Ubuntu Karmic.

Linux: Please note that you need to have Qt4.6 installed for everything to work correctly. However, you will be able to run Yasst with older Qt version too. To run Yasst on Linux, all you have to do is extract it and run the file names "Yasst" if you have Qt4.6. If you have an older version of Qt, run "Yasst.sh" instead.

Download Yasst