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Icons on menus and buttons were disabled by default in Gnome 2.28, but I enabled mine because I find items more quickly if they have icons and also, the menus and buttons look better with icons.

For this reasons, I've always disliked the Nautilus scripts: because all their icons look the same. But you can easily change these icons. Here is how!

Go to your Nautilus scripts folder (/home/YOUR_USERNAME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts), right click on a Nautilus script and select "Properties", and on the "Basic" tab, click on it's icon:

change nautilus script icon

Then, select an icon for each of your Nautilus scripts. You can find lots of icons in your /usr/share/pixmaps/ folder.

Here a screenshot with some Nautilus scripts which have icons, and some which don't:

nautilus scripts icons