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new wave gnome theme 0.9.0

new wave gnome theme 0.9.0

Anton, the developer of the New Wave Gnome theme has been working on a "lighter" version of his amazing theme. For now it's not known if this will be a separate theme or will replace the New Wave theme.

The changes aren't big, but you will feel the difference when using it, as everything seems lighter:

The basic ideas is to free more space by removing some of the borders thus implying the feeling of lightness.

Before downloading it, remember it's an alpha version!

To be able to install it, navigate to your home folder, press Ctrl + H to see hidden files, and in the .themes folder, delete the "New Wave" directory. Then install the .tar.gz theme file like any other theme.

Download New Wave 0.9.0 alpha | Alternative download location (and source for this post).

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