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Ubuntu 10.04 codename Lucid Lynx switched to Plymouth for the boot splash screen and the new Lucid Alpha 2 which was released today already has Plymouth installed, but most probably you won't see anything new without any tweaking.

A note: as far as I know, Plymouth only works well (flicker-free) for Intel graphic cards. Also, I for one couldn't get it to work for some reason (might have something to do with the fact that I use an Nvidia graphics card - everybody reporting Plymouth working on the Ubuntu Forums is using an Intel graphics card (but I could be wrong)).

Here is what you can do to try making Plymouth work for your Ubuntu Lucid Alpha 2:

1. Open a terminal and paste this:
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme --list

The above command will display all the available Plymouth themes.

If you look in /lib/plymouth/themes you should see all the available themes and their files.

2. To apply a Plymouth theme, run the following command:
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme theme-name --rebuild-initrd

Replacing "theme-name" with a theme name you saw when running the command in step 1.

As an example, to set the Solar theme:
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme solar --rebuild-initrd

And then restart your computer.

Like I said, I wasn't able to get this to run on my computer, but it might work for you.

Special thanks (and credits) to celticbhoy for his instructions to getting Plymouth to work in Ubuntu Lucid Alpha 2.