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Yougnome allows you to backup all things relative to Gnome in a single .tar.gz file, then restore them any time you need. It is basically a bash script but also comes with a GUI version, however, the GUI didn't work in my tests (probably because it was released for an older Gnome version).

Yougnome can backup and restore: all your Gnome themes, backgrounds and settings, Gnome panel settings, bluetooth-manager settings, Evolution settings, file-roller settings, gnome-screensaver settings, Metacity & Compiz settings, gnome-session settings, gnome-terminal settings, update-manager & notifier settings, totem settings, network configuration set by Gnome, screenlets and more.

Being very easy to use, the GUI version is not needed so you can just use the script. After downloading it, simply run it:
chmod +x yourgnome1.sh

And then you will be prompted if you want to backup or restore, the path to the backup and that's it - in just a few seconds the backup will be ready.

Download Yougnome