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Not so long ago, qBittorrent 2.0 was released and yesterday, the application very similar to uTorrent releases another version with lots of new features and improvements.

New features include categorizing/labeling to better organize big torrent lists (uTorrent style), headless running for people who want to run qBittorrent on a server without X server and control it remotely, new search engine plugins, better proxy support, a more secure and complete Web UI.

For a lot of people, the labels and headless running features are great news. I for one will install it on my headless Debian server in the following days to give it a try.

Another new feature which I really like and is very important for private torrent trackers is that qBittorrent can identify itself as uTorrent, Vuze or KTorrent (any stable version):

qbittorrent 2.1.0

You can find the complete list of changes, HERE.

qBittorrent installation instructions can be found on our original post on qBittorrent.