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parole media player

Parole is a simple media player for Linux based on GStreamer, designed specially for Xfce, but of course, you can use it in Gnome too.

With low resource usage and being very simple, Parole really deserves a test-run at least.

Parole Media Player also comes with a few basic plugins:

  • System tray icon, minimize Parole to the system tray.
  • Stream Properties plugin, change stream meta data.
  • Window title, Set parole window title to the current playing stream.
  • Power Manager, prevents the power manager from activating the automatic sleep while playing VCD and DVD.

Download Parole for Ubuntu:

32bit: parole_0.2.0.1-1~kkxfce1_i386.deb (330.1 KiB)
64bit: parole_0.2.0.1-1~kkxfce1_amd64.deb (338.0 KiB)

32bit: parole_0.2.0.1-1~llxfce1_i386.deb (327.6 KiB)
64bit: parole_0.2.0.1-1~llxfce1_amd64.deb (341.8 KiB)

Download for other Linux distributions