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Parcellite clipboard manager

Parcellite is a stripped down, basic-features-only Linux clipboard manager with a small memory footprint. Parcellite features include a clipboard history, various options to display items the way you like it, daemon mode, global hotkeys to display clipboard content quickly and perform custom commands using the clipboard contents.

Many though the project was dead since there were no updates for almost a year, but a new version has just been released (0.9.2).

The new version includes new translations:

+ Danish translation (by Kim Jensen).
+ Czech translation (by Miloš Koutný).
+ French translation (by Vincent Coiffier).
+ Romanian translation (by Ovidiu D. Niţan).

And changes:

+ Modified action execution code.
+ Removed dependency on pthreads.
+ Clear option clears clipboard and primary contents.
+ Use accessor functions instead direct access (by Javier Jardon).
+ Add missing include statements to silence gcc warnings (by Ludwig Nussel).
+ Clipboard sync cannot be enabled unless both copy and primary are enabled.
+ Empty clipboard and primary recovery no longer overwrites contents of other types.
+ Removes newline characters (’\n’) from the history menu entries (by Daniel Di Marco).

Download and install Parcellite

Ubuntu users can easily install Parcellite via GetDeb.

If you use another Linux distribution, you can easily compile Parcellite:
make install

After installing Parcellite, you can find it under Applications > Accessories.

Download Parcellite source code.

[via sckyzo]