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opera 10.50

Like you noticed if you are following the development of Opera 10.50, the Opera Browser is undertaking some massive changes to the platform integration that will give significant improvements for all three desktop platforms, but because of this, Windows users will have a beta version a lot earlier than the other 2 platforms (Windows and Mac).

Today's snapshot bring a lot of improvements and bugfixes, Linux builds (finally! they didn't release any for the last 2-3 Windows snapshots), and also the widgets will also run as standalone applications again as previewed in 10.20 alpha.

Other important improvements:
  • Upgraded Carakan engine
  • Search box enhancements
  • Bookmark fixes
  • Improved stability
  • Restructuring of the Opera menu

For a complete changelog and downloads, see the blog post on Opera Desktop Team blog.

Alternatively, Linux users can just run the following conmands to download and run the latest alpha build of Opera 10.50:

wget http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6201/opera-10.50-6201.linux.i386.tar.bz2 -O - | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6201.linux.i386/
./opera &

wget http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6201/opera-10.50-6201.linux.x86_64.tar.bz2 -O - | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6201.linux.x86_64/
./opera &