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Music Player Minion is a client for MPD (Music Player Daemon) which comes as a Firefox extension. Think of it as something like Theory (web based MPD client) but which looks a lot better.

Music Player Minion is a client for the Music Player Daemon network music player. The purpose of MPD and it's clients is to allow music playback on one PC (such as a home media server) to be controlled from another over the network.

Music Player Minion has 3 possible "views":

-mini: you only get the basic play/stop and next/previous buttons on the Firefox statusbar:

Music Player Minion mini

-sidebar: to activate the sidebar, right click on your Firefox toolbar, select "Customize" and drag-n-dropb the "Playlist (Sidebar) MPM button. When clicked, this button will display your current MPD playlist:

Music Player Minion mini screenshot

-new window: the new window button can be added the same as the sidebar (see above) and when clicked, it will open a fully featured Music Player Minion which looks like this:

music player minion new window

This interface comes with many options: you can choose the way songs are displayed (with info or basic), browse the music by folder, album, artist and so on, music album covers and well, basically everything you would want in a simple yet really good music player.

For more info on Music Player Minion and download, see it's pages at Mozilla Addons and Google Code.

Note: if Firefox complains about Music Player Minion not being compatible with your current FF version, see THIS.

More MPD clients and info on MPD:

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Special thanks to totalizator for suggesting Music Player Minion!