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HTML5 support finally comes to YouTube, but unfortunately using the proprietary h264 video codec, not the free Theora:

Right now we support browsers that support both the <video> tag in HTML5 and the h.264 video codec. These include:

* Google Chrome
* Apple Safari (version 4+)
* Microsoft Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame installed

What does HTML5 <video> tag support means? Well, it means that you won't be needing Flash Player to watch videos, it will be done using your browser and the h264 codec (sadly). This is still one great step forward, but one may question the decision to chose h264 when Google keeps saying it's an "open-source company".

There are limitations to this HTML5 videos though. It doesn’t work with videos that have advertising, captions, or annotations. And it only works for the browsers listed above.

To use HTML5 on YouTube, you must visit this page and join the experiment.

[via YouTube]