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google reader custom feed

Google Reader, probably the most used feed reader finally adds a feature that was missing for many of it's users: the option to subscribe to websites which do not provide a feed. Basically, you can now subscribe to any website using Google Reader:

Today we're rolling out a change in Google Reader that lets you create a custom feed to track changes on pages that don't have their own feed.

These custom feeds are most useful if you want to be alerted whenever a specific page has been updated. For example, if you wanted to follow Google.org's latest products, just type "http://www.google.org/products.html" into Reader's "Add a subscription" field. Click "create a feed", and Reader will periodically visit the page and publish any significant changes it finds as items in a custom feed created just for that page.

There are already different services which allow you to create a feed for a feedless website, but all have their glitches and are not always reliable. It's really nice to see Google Reader adding features many of us were waiting for.

And a final note: site owners can chose to opt-out, and not allow Google Reader to create a feed for their website. More info on the link below.

[via GReader blog]