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A while back, we covered how to display some Google Analytics stats on your website, using PHP and the Google Analytics API.

But here is a much simple way of doing this, but for visitor stats only: by using Sharega, a web service which will display a visitors counter on your website, no matter the platform you use because it will allow you to simply enter some HTML code as your counter.

To use Sharega, all you have to do is add it's email address to your Google Analytics users, with 'view stats only' account access, then on the Sharega website enter your website url and finally, add a piece of code to your website.

There are 3 different HTML Google Analytics counters you can embed to your website: unique visitors, views or both of these 2. Also, clicking on the counter, a graph with the most recent visits will be displayed. You can view a demo below:

Last day site unique visitors and views

Here is a COMPLETE HOW-TO for doing this.