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Gmail Indicator Applet in GNOME

There are lots of Gmail notifiers for Linux (a few examples: CheckGmail, gmnotify, GoogSysTray) but I really like the Gmail notifier about which I'm going to talk in this post. Read on!

I don't know how to refer to it as it doesn't have a name except "Gmail Notifier" (how original, right? :) ) but anyway, here's why it seems really useful: it makes use of libnotify and the Indicator Applet in Ubuntu with GNOME.

If you care about security, you will be glad to know that Gmail Notifier uses Gnome Keyring to store your password.

Using Gmail Notifier

After installing it (download link at the end of the post), go to Applications > Internet > Gmail Notifier - Settings and enter your Gmail username and password. Then run it from Applications > Internet > Gmail Nofifier.

After everything has been set up, when you get a new email you'll see a libnotify message pop up and also the Indicator Applet will let you know you have a new email and will include sender information and the email subject.

Download Gmail Notifier (Ubuntu .deb | alternatively you can add a repository).