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calendar custom

Martin Owens has created a really nice python script which generates a calendar based on the images you choose and the evens you add to a simple text file.

To use it, head over to Martin Owens' blog an download it, extract the archive contents and navigate to "flips" folder and place 12 png images numbered "01.png ... 12.png" (from 01 to 12) and a title.png which is the title.

To add / edit calendar events, see the dates.lst file. Here, you can add different events, holidays, birthdays and so on.

Then, make sure you have Inkscape installed. For Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install inkscape

And finally, generate your calendar:
./create-cal.py 2010

You will find the generated png files in the "pngs" folder so everything is ready to be printed.

Of course, all the credits for this script go to Martin Owens.