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nautilus resize rotate images context menu

Nautilus Image Converter adds a "Resize Image" and "Rotate image" menu items in Nautilus for easy image manipulation. You can use it for a single image or multiple images and while it doesn't have many options, Nautilus Image Converter does what its supposed to... and fast!

It uses ImageMagick convert tool and the difference between this package and the other Nautilus scripts out there is that you get more options, like scaling the image(s) to percentage of the initial image, append ".resized" (or "rotated", depending on your action) to the new image or simply replace it, different predefined image sizes and so on:

nautilus image converter - resize

nautilus image converter - rotate

Like I said, this is a very simple Nautilus "addon" but very useful for people who constantly have to resize and rotate images - such as myself: I always use it for creating thumbnails for Web Upd8 posts as it's a lot easier than opening GIMP and resizing the images, etc.

To install Nautilus Image Converter in Ubuntu, run the following command in a terminal (you will also have to install ImageMagick, the command solves this too):
sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter imagemagick

If you're not using Ubuntu, search for it in your Linux distribution repositories.

Special thanks to StoneCut for suggesting a post on this. Even though I use it daily, I never though on writing about it.