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Dbupdate is a Linux script that can automatically download and install the latest experimental Dropbox build, if the latest version is newer than your current version.

Before using it, note that the experimental builds may not work so be aware when using this script!

You can download Dbupdate from HERE (packages available for Debian / Ubuntu, Fedora, and basic shell script).

When installing both the core package and the integration package, Dbupdate will be added to your startup applications and will run when you start your computer, notifying you of any existing updates to Dropbox.

Using Dbupdate

To manually run Dbupdate, after installing, enter this in a terminal:
dbupdate -h

to see all the available options.

-Check for updates:
dbupdate -c

-Peform update to the latest Dropbox experimental version, show graphical progress bar (also checks to see if running Dropbox 32 or 64 bit):
sudo dbupdate -rngcu auto

"-r" - allow use as root user (required for upgrading Dropbox)
"-n" - use notifier, if installed (/usr/bin/notify-send)
"-g" - use graphical download progress indicator
"-c" - check if update is available (required for upgrading)
"-u" - upgrade Dropbox