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airlines theme

airlines bisigi gnome themeairlines gnome screenshotairlines bisigi screenshot

If you're not new to Web Upd8, I'm sure you already know the beautiful Gnome themes from the Bisigi Project which come with an Ubuntu PPA for a one-command installation. Well, today a new theme has been released, called AirLines.

The new theme comes with:
  • 1 animated wallpaper which changes during the day
  • 1 GTK theme
  • 1 Metacity theme
  • 1 icons pack
I've always considered these themes as beautiful, new and fresh, but I find AirLines to be a masterpiece. It looks astonishing. My screenshots don't reveal how nice this theme looks so it's something you must try for yourself. Of course, it's also a matter of taste so please do share your opinion on this new Gnome theme.

Installing AirLines Bisigi Gnome theme in Ubuntu is very easy, as the Bisigi Project has a PPA. If you don't have the PPA added to your sources.list already, see our original post: 12 Great Gnome Themes with Ubuntu Repositories (for Ubuntu Karmic, scroll down for the updated instructions).

Once you add the PPA (or if it is already added), install AirLines in Ubuntu by running the following command in a terminal:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install airlines-theme

A few more screenshots with AirLines Gnome theme in action can be found on the Bisigi Project website.