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Yorba, a non-profit software group based in San Francisco which is behind Shotwell, the new open source photo organizer which I like very much, is putting together a multimedia creation suite (or something like that) for Gnome.

The applications which will be a part of this multimedia suite are Shotwell obviously, and:

Lombard, a non-linear video editor based on GStreamer and Gnonlin and written in Vala:

Lombard video editor

Fillmore, a multitrack audio/MIDI recorder written in Vala and based on the GStreamer and Gnonlin media libraries:

Fillmore audio/midi recorder

Many may argue that for instance, there are already a lot of video editors for Linux but the fact is that a suite of simple multimedia apps would be great for being integrated in any Linux distribution (the applications should be pretty small). Also, creating a simple and easy to use video editor with only basic features will better suit people which only need to do some basic video editing (we don't all need a fully featured video editor - for most people, the ability to split or merge different videos and add transition effects and a few other simple taks are about everything they need).

In theory, this sounds like a great idea but for now, both Lombard and Fillmore are in an early development stage and are not suitable for real work just yet.