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tiny tiny rss

Tiny Tiny RSS is a web-based, PHP and Ajax news feed (RSS/Atom) reader, designed to allow you to read news from any location which resembles somewhat to Google Reader but it's much more customizable. You can choose to either install it on your own computer (it requires PHP, MySQL, etc), on a server, or use some already set up Tiny Tiny RSS servers. Read on!

Tiny Tiny RSS Features:

* Server-side application, user only needs a web browser
* Supports RSS, RDF, Atom feeds using Magpie library
* Supports OPML import/export
* Easy setup and configuration
* Streamlined interface using XmlHttpRequest (or AJAX for laypeople)
* Free software, licensed under GPL
* Support for generation of aggregated feeds
* Supports full-text searching
* Works with two major free databases - PostgreSQL and MySQL
* Supports Technorati-style tags
* Supports flexible content filtering
* Supports multiuser operation
* Supports feed categories
* Supports authentication for reading protected feeds (e.g. LiveJournal friend-only posts)
* Support keyboard shortcuts
* Supports interface translations (work in progress)
* Supports feed enclosures (podcasts)
* Supports XML-RPC API
* Supports article scoring
* Supports inline XSPF MP3 player for podcasts
* Themes

You can even set it to send you daily digest of new (and unread) headlines on your configured e-mail address or use your own stylesheet to override default style.

You can download Tiny Tiny RSS from HERE (also see the installation instructions - it's pretty easy).

There is also a DEMO you can try before actually installing Tiny Tiny RSS, but the demo doesn't come with all the features.

If you don't wish / can't install Tiny Tiny RSS on your own computer or server, you can use the following servers:



Please note that all the three above servers use free hosts and because of that, none of them comes with any guarantees!