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"Sushi, huh?" is an application which serves the same purpose as the command we posted about two weeks ago, to get a list of packages and dependencies for offline installation in Ubuntu, but many will love it since it comes with a - I almost wanted to say GUI - an web-based interface which runs on your machine, and it can download the dependencies for the packages you want to install, for the following Linux distributions: Mandriva, openSUSE, Fedora (and obviously, Ubuntu and Debian).

But "Sushi, huh?" can also run on both Linux and Windows, meaning you can download the packages with dependencies from Windows too.

Sushi, huh? is a program that allows downloading all the packages needed to install the programs you want on GNU/Linux without an Internet connection on your own computer.
Sushi, huh? is designed for people, which for example can not afford monthly Internet connection.
As installing software on GNU/Linux is a hard and complex process for those newcomers to the world of GNU/Linux, which itself does not have an Internet connection, Sushi, huh? simplifies this task, making it as automatically as possible.

Using Sushi, huh?

Simply download (link at the end of the post) and extract it, then:

-For Windows, run the sushi_huh.bat file in the "src" folder.

-For Linux, open a terminal, navigate to the location where you extracted "Sushu, huh?", in the "src" folder (cd /path/to/sushi-huh/src) and make the file called "sushi_huh.py" executable:
chmod +x sushi_huh.py

Then, run it:

If you want "Sushi, huh?" to automatically configure your package manager, you should use it with sudo (sudo ./sushi_huh.py).

-For both:

A website will open in your default browser on localhost (http://localhost:7874/). If it doesn't, manually enter this address: http://localhost:7874/ in your web browser.

1. Now, all you have to do is click "Next", select your distribution:

sushi huh

2. The next step is to select the version (Ubuntu 9.10 for me) and architecture (32 or 64 bit):

ubuntu sushi

3. Select the repositories you have enabled on the computer you are planning to install the packages on. You can leave the default selection for this. Click next and wait for the package lists to be downloaded.

4. Something which somewhat resembles to Synaptic will be displayed, and you can select the packages you want to install. There is also a "Find" function to find the desired packages / applications:

sushi-huh panel

5. Now simply select the packages you want to download for installation on another computer, and click "Download". You will see a progress bar with the download process and the download speed (I chose to download Firefox 3.5 for testing purposes):

sushi-huh downloading

On your second download (and so on), click on the "Synchronize" button before any downloading, so that it doesn't download packages you already have.

6. To transfer the downloaded packages to the computer with no Internet connection, copy the whole "sushi-huh" folder to an USB stick, run it on the computer with no Internet access, click on the "Synchronize" button and make sure the "Transfer the downloaded packages to your PC" option is checked:

ubuntu sushi-huh

Alternatively, you can manually install the packages. You will find them under the sushi-huh/src/downloads folder.

Unfortunately you cannot change the servers from which to download the packages, so the download was quite slow for me. But there is a "Settings" button (which doesn't do anything for now) so there is hope this will be implemented soon. Another limitation is that it can only use the official repositories (no PPAs or such).

Download "Sushi, huh?"

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