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read it later 2.0

Read It Later (web version, Firefox add-on, iPhone app) has been updated to version 2.0. In case you don't know, Read It Later allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It eliminates cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest.

Read It Later Features:

• Save pages to a reading list to read when you have time
• Offline Reading Mode - Read the items you’ve saved for later on the plane, train, or anywhere
• Access Anywhere - Manage your list in any browser, on any device. Your list is saved on readitlaterlist.com for web access.
• RSS Feeds - View your list from anywhere with automatic rss feeds of your items
• Sync Between Computers - Sync your reading list with any number of computers, work or home
• After reading, bookmark pages on your preferred bookmarking service
• Click to Save Mode - Quickly batch a reading list just by clicking on interesting links

Read It Later 2.0 now syncs your position in every article between all of your devices. This means you can start reading an article on your computer, get up, grab your phone, and pick up exactly where you left off.

The Firefox add-on was rebuilt from scratch. Your items are no longer stored in Firefox’s bookmarks; this solves almost all major bugs with the app alone. As a result, other add-ons are now less likely to interfere with Read It Later. (Issues with Weave and Foxmarks most notably).

Other improvements to the Firefox add-on:

  • Text View: With a single click you can convert any article to an optimized text only view. This extracts the articles contents, removing images and extraneous layout content and presents it in a clean, consistent way that’s incredibly easy to read.
  • Downloading: The offline downloading engine has been rewritten. It now runs faster and more importantly, is more accurate at capturing a website in it’s entirety. Read It Later also manages your offline cache in a more intelligent way. You no longer have to enable Firefox to ‘Work Offline’.
  • Editing & Tags: You can now directly edit your items inline. While browsing your list, simply click the edit icon and you can instantly modify an item’s title and add tags to help categorize your list.

Get Read It Later 2.0 (for iPhone, Firefox addon, bookmarklets for all the major browsers and mobile app).