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Firefox PDW is a portable version of Firefox for Windows (but also works in Linux under Wine) which comes with lots of extensions installed by default for webmasters and web designers.

The idea behind it is that a website designer needs to install a LOT of Firefox add-ons and they sometimes don't install all of them even if they are useful simply because Firefox would become bloated and not very usable for browsing.

By using Firefox PDW, you can have a separate Firefox for all these extensions, without the need to install the extensions on your main Firefox installation. Also, since it's portable, it does not require installation and can run from an usb memory stick.

Firefox PDW

Firefox PDW comes with:
  • Web Development Toolbar
  • Firebug
  • YSlow
  • COlor picker
  • Screenshots tool
  • Greasemonkey
  • Load pages in IE or Firefox
  • A very large collection of bookmarklets
  • CSS Viewer
  • Fire FTP
  • Codetech
  • And many others

The credits for Firefox PDW go to diretesydim, I have only created an English version.

Download Firefox PDW Portable in: English | Spanish - (based on Firefox 3.5.5)