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CoverChooser albumart downloader

CoverChooser is a really nice Nautilus script which searches for albumart on the internet and downloads it to the selected folder. By applying the script to a music folder, it uses the metadata to get the album info, then uses the Last.fm, Discogs and Amazon web service to download the album art and names it "folder.jpg".

It is great to use with Cover Thumbnailer, an application which automatically sets album art as folder thumbnails in Nautilus (but you must download the album art yourself - Cover Thumbnailer does not download it for you).

Once you have installed CoverChooser, go to Applications > Accessories > CoverChooser so that the script activates in your Nautilus scripts. Then, right click any music album and select Scripts > Cover Chooser.

Please note that to use the Amazon album covers, you will be needing a personal key for Amazon web service. Firstly create an account HERE. Once you have created an account, you can get the key from HERE which you then need to add to the /etc/coverchooser.conf file. To do this, open a terminal and type:
sudo gedit /etc/coverchooser.conf

(see line 20).

Download CoverChooser (.deb)