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grid tile compiz

Not many people are aware of a great Compiz plugin called "Grid" which can be used to tile, position and resize your windows to fit an imaginary grid. You can basically use it to get something (somewhat) similar to Xmonad (remember Bluetile?), but still use Compiz.

Using the Grid Compiz plugin, all you have to do is press Ctrl + Alt + Keypad numbers to place the selected windows.

Grid Compiz plugin examples:
Ctrl + Alt + KP 4 -> puts the window to the left
Ctrl + Alt + KP 6 -> puts the window to the right
Ctrl + Alt + KP 9 -> puts the window to the top right
And so on.

Basically the numeric keypad is the imaginary grid and pressing the numbers, the windows are placed on the corresponding position on the grid:

compiz grid plugin

You can activate the Grid plugin by going to CompizConfig Settings Manager, under "Window Management" enable the "Grid" plugin.