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Keyboard Status Monitor

Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) is a Linux tool for displaying keyboard and mouse status on the screen, ideal for creating screencasts.

Here are Keyboard Status Monitor features:

# The window and buttons are scalable to any size.
# Different keyboard themes/styles supported, for instance the Mac look.
# Starts without a window border.
# Right click provides an application menu.
# Supports the META (aka Windows) key.
# Supports the scroll wheel.
# Supports all three mouse buttons.
# Should support multiple mouses or keyboards (untested).
# Move the window by dragging from anywhere inside.
# Swap the left and right mouse buttons.
# Emulate middle click by clicking left and right mouse buttons.
# When the dialog is smaller a different set of images are used for a better look.
# Support for foreign keyboards.
# Ability to make your own keyboard scancode maps, for when the defaults don't work.

And speaking of screencasts, I have just recorded a demo of Key-Mon:

Please note that the Key-Mon .deb files do not work, but this works: download the latest .zip, extract it, navigate to the "src" folder and then run key-mon.

Download Keyboard Status Monitor (Key-Mon).