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Jajuk, a fully-featured cross-platform (works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) music player written in Java was recently updated to version 1.8.3 which is basically a bug-fixing release, but since a lot of versions were released since we last posted about Jajuk, I though I'd update you with it's current features and so on.

Jajuk supports most audio formats (MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA, APE, etc...) and among it's current features are:

  • Advanced rating system : banning system, clever rating based both on user preference (set in one click) and automatic analysis
  • Find duplicate tracks: inbuilt feature to find duplicate tracks across your audio collection
  • Allows to quickly copy a selection of tracks to an external device
  • File management: cut/copy/past/rename; create/delete files/directory in the files perspective from within Jajuk
  • "Shuffle" smart function to play shuffled selection, track by track, inside an album or album by album
  • "Best Of" smart function to play your favourite tracks
  • "Novelties" smart function to play your collection newest albums
  • Devices synchronization: unidirectional or bidirectional, full or partial
  • Unmounted devices support: navigate into unmounted devices (CDs for example) to get a complete view of your collection at any time (nice feature if you have plenty of music CDs)
  • Most tags supported (Ogg,ID3 V1/V2, WMA, Flac...) / tag editor and online(CDDB) retagging
  • Dockable perspectives and views
  • Full keyboard controls
  • Cllection charts and stats
  • Wikipedia view displays artist discography
  • Artist biography from Artist view
  • Visual catalog of all albums by covers
  • Skins!

And these are just a few of the Jajuk features!

You can even try the live version before you download it.

About the memory usage, oh well, since it's a Java application with a lot of features, don't expect it to use few system resources, especially if you have a large music collection. On my PC with ~40.000 songs, it needs about ~127 MB of RAM:


Download Jajuk (packages available for: Windows (win32), Linux (.rpm and .deb), Mac OSX and Java cross-platform installer).