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avant window navigator edgy mode

I've seen a lot of posts on Avant Window Navigator (AWN) 0.4, none featuring an "Edgy" mode screenshot which probably means most people don't know how to set AWN to the Edgy mode. Obviously, this will only work with AWN 0.4 (installation instructions HERE).

Here is what you need to do to get AWN 0.4 Edgy mode:

On the "Preferences" tab in AWN preferences, set the "Style" to "Edgy", "Position on the screen" to left and also check "Expand the panel", like in the screenshot below:

awn edgy mode settings

The applet on the left will be used for "Edgy" applet, so you can use the AWN menu applet for that (you can find in on the Applets tab in Avant Window Navigator preferences - "Dock Preferences").

You may also want to add an "Expander" between the "Launcher / Task Manager" and the notification area or whatever applets you will use for the right side of AWN:

awn applets

And one last note: if you want to use AWN in Edgy mode, you may want to remove at least one of your 2 Gnome panels. If you want to use a notification area applet in AWN, remove the notification area on the Gnome panel because if there is a notification area on your Gnome panel, you cannot add a notification area on Avant Window Navigator.

If you want to completely remove the last Gnome panel (you can't just "Delete" if it's your last Gnome panel), see step 6 in our Ubuntu Netbook Remix Optimization Guide.