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vlmc videolan movie creator

I finally got to build VideoLAN Movie Creator(VLMC) in Ubuntu so I though I'd share some basic steps in doing it. I will not post a step by step guide because it's a lot to do and I don't remember each package name - so you will have to handle the dependencies yourself (it's pretty easy: when compiling VLC, simply use sudo apt-get build-dep vlc and then when running ./configure, look for what else is missing), but I will post a generic guide and a tip without which you will not be able to build the current VLMC version (there is a small bug in the source code).

Update: We have now published a complete step-by-step guide on compiling VLC and VLMC from Git in Ubuntu.

1. Remove VLC completely. This includes vlc-data, etc. This is important, but of course, all the steps are.

2. Build VLC from git (yes, VLC, not VLMC yet). Get it with this command:
git clone git://git.videolan.org/vlc.git

And then see instructions HERE.

3. Make sure you have Qt framework >= 4.5.0 (-dev too, obviously).

4. Now you can finally start compiling VideoLan Movie Creator (VLMC). Firtly, get it via Git:
git clone git://github.com/VLMC/vlmc.git

this part below (which involves editing the ressources.qrc file) is no longer required (the bug has been fixed):

Important! Now you must go to the VLMC folder and edit the ressources.qrc file because it has some bad file names.

At the top of the file, you should see something like this:

    <qresource prefix="/Lang">
<file alias="es">ts/vlmc_es.qm</file>
<file alias="fr">ts/vlmc_fr.qm</file>
<file alias="sv">ts/vlmc_sv.qm</file>

Change the code above, to this:
    <qresource prefix="/Lang">
<file alias="es">ts/vlmc_es.ts</file>
<file alias="fr">ts/vlmc_fr.ts</file>
<file alias="sv">ts/vlmc_sv.ts</file>

Without this modification, you would get this error:
/usr/bin/rcc -name ressources ../ressources.qrc -o qrc_ressources.cpp
RCC: Error in '../ressources.qrc': Cannot find file 'ts/vlmc_es.qm'
make[1]: *** [qrc_ressources.cpp] Error 1

Now you should finally be able to compile VLMC:
cmake .

Then run it like this: