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December is that month of the year when 90% of the blogs teach you how to 'install' falling snow on your website (but they use the method described in this post to disable it for themselves) and about 0.1% tell you how to disable it.

Anyway, let's get started.

You can find a snow.js demo HERE (so you can test to see if you blocked it correctly).

There are two snow scripts (javascript) that I know of, which we are going to block using AdBlock Plus Firefox extension. After installing the extension, right click the AdBlock Plus icon and select "Preferences", scroll down to "Blocking rules", select any blocked item, select "Add New" end enter:


Then repeat the process and enter:

Now click "Apply".

If you still see snow on some website, you can right click Adblock Plus and select "Open blockable items" to see all the elements on that page, and then select the snow script (you'll have to guess which one it is).

adblockplus snow

And a note for websites which display falling snow: thank you very much, but I prefer my snow outside :)