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google browser size

Just like in a newspaper (where the most important story is featured on the front page, "above the fold"), your website has different "importance" areas which depend on monitor sizes, browsers, toolbars and so on.

This is why Google has launched Browser Size, a tool which can help you see how users view your website. Browser Size is based on a sample of data from visitors to google.com. Special code collects data on the height and width of the browser for a sample of users. For a given point in the browser, the tool will tell you what percentage of users can see it. For example, if an important button is in the 80% region it means that 20% of users have to scroll in order to see it.

Google explains:

For example, on the download page for Google Earth, the install rate increased by 10% when we moved the "Download" button 100 pixels upward. We can attribute that increase to users who wanted to try out Google Earth, but didn't see the button before.

More info, on Google Code Blog.