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Gleebox is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox / Google Chrome extension which allows you to navigate through any webpage in Firefox / Google Chrome using your keyboard only.

Gleebox can be triggerd by pressing the "G" key (or Alt + G if you are focused on an input field) and it basically looks like a command line floating panel. After entering a command (see below), press TAB and Gleebox will cycle through the items you have selected with the given command.


Examples of using Gleebox:

-The default behavior is to cycle through all the links on a web page. Type "Google", then press TAB and it will only cycle to all the links containing the word "Google".

-Type "?h" and Gleebox will cycle through all the headings in a web page (usually post titles) - great for quickly reading the headlines.

-"?img" - Gleebox will jump from one image to another.

- "??": Navigate through all the input fields on the page.

Other useful thing Gleebox can do:

  • !read
    Transform the page for a better reading experience using Readability
  • !shorten
    Shorten the URL of the current page using bit.ly
  • !tweet
    Redirect to twitter with the URL of the current page in the text field
  • :fbshare $
    Share the current page on Facebook
  • :wp cricket
    Search Wikipedia for cricket
  • :tube elvis
    Search YouTube for elvis
  • :site2pdf $
    Get a PDF for the current page.

There is, however, a downside to Gleebox: it does not work properly for sites that define their own shortcuts. For example: Gmail, Google Reader, Wave, etc. It also may not work properly in iframes.

Install Gleebox (Firefox users will need Greasemonkey) | For more info, see the Gleebox user manual.