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gdm configuration tool

GDM (Gnome Display Manager) is the graphical login program which you see when you log-in to your Linux computer. GDM used to support themes and a lot of other customizations - all available through the "Login Screen" option under System > Administration - but the new GDM2 (2.28) which comes with Ubuntu Karmic for instance, doesn't support all this unfortunately.

However, exosyst @ ubuntuforums created GUI (in Python and GTK) which allows you to customize the new GDM 2. It doesn't have as many options as the "Login Screen" option used to, but that's because the new GDM 2 doesn't support a lot of customization.



1. Download the script @ ubuntuforums.org (alternate download* if you don't want to create an ubuntuforums.org account).
And install imagemagick. For Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install imagemagick

2. Make the script executable (navigate to it's location and run the following command):
chmod +x gdm-setup.py

3. Run it like this:
gksu ./gdm-setup.py

Note: to revert to the default GTK theme, don't choose "Default". Instead, select "HumanLogin" and under the "Icon theme" don't select anything.

*It's recommended you download GDM2 Configuration Tool via ubuntuforums.org, as a new version might be released!

Update 1: GDM2Setup now evolved into an app and got it's own Launchpad PPA.

Update 2: GDM2Setup is now available for Ubuntu Lucid