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gCue2tracks is a GUI for splitting compressed audio CD images to tracks and then automatically entering their tags based on the cue sheet file info. We wrote a while back about splitting ape and flac files and adding tags by cue file in Ubuntu, but using gCue2tracks should be much easier.

gCue2tracks can decompress all the formats supported by ffmped (flac, ape, wv, tta, etc.) and can encode in the following formats:

wav : no encode, raw sound wave,
flac : (default) Free Lossless Audio Codec,
ape : Monkey's Audio Codec,
wv : WavPack,
mp3 : mpeg 1 layer 3 via lame
ogg : ogg vorbis

Download gCue2tracks

Ubuntu users can install gCue2tracks by adding add the following line to the/etc/apt/source.list file: deb http://dicson.no-ip.info/repository/debian unstable main

Then, to install gCue2tracks:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gcue2tracks